B. Pharma (SRGI)

Pharmacy Department

Shri Ram Group of institutions (Pharmacy) is striving hard for development of pharmaceutical education system as well as profession of pharmacy for ultimate goal of alleviating the suffering of the people, The institute has taken up the industry oriented activity for producing high quality man power in are of direct and immediate relevance to industry specially in key area of manufacturing,analysis,research & development ,marketing of drugs and pharmaceutical , biotechnology and clinical research.The Indian pharmaceutical market is sought to turnover US 25 billion $ by 2015 and may even exceed.To cop up the need of pharmaceutical industry , the country requires a large number of pharmacy personals with requisite qualifications ranging from graduate to post-graduate to Ph.D Scholar in pharmacy.

Shri Ram Group of institutions (Pharmacy) is at the forefront crating a reservoir of knowledge , competence and expert pharmacy education system.In Madhya Pradesh a number of pharmaceutical industries have to be established very soon.Looking at the world level demand , companies will require graduate (B.Pharma), post graduate (M.Pharma) and Ph.D scholars.The marketing of pharmaceutical of $25 Billion by 2015 is certainly manifold in comparison to IT sector.

Intake Shri Ram Group of institutions(Pharmacy)

  • B.Pharma - 60
  • M.Pharma (Pharmaceutics) - 15
  • M.Pharma (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) - 15
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