S. N.Name of FacultyQualificationDepartment Designation Date of Joining Nature of Association
1Dr Rajesh Trivedi BSc, MA, PhD. Englsih Professor16/8/2018Reg.
2Ms Priyanka Awasthi BCom, MA, MBA. Englsih Assistant Professor01-02-2015Reg.
3Ms Namrata SoniBSc, MA Englsih Assistant Professor09-04-2017Reg.
4Ms  Veena KushwahaBSc, MA, MPhill Englsih Assistant Professor28/8/2017Reg.
5Ms  Nidhi Shukla BA, MAEnglsih Assistant Professor08-08-2011Reg.
6Ms Vartika Chansoriya BA, MAEnglsih Assistant Professor10-02-2018Reg.
7Dr Mahendra DeshmukhBCom, MA, PhD. Englsih Associate Professor17/4/2017Reg.
8Mrs Richa  ChaturvediBA, MA, MphilEnglsih Assistant Professor27/08/2012Reg.
9Dr Bindu BhattBSc, MSc, PhD. Engg ChemistryAssociate Professor26/2/2015Reg.
10Dr Nidhi  KhareBSc, MSc, PhD. Engg ChemistryAssociate Professor08-01-2015Reg.
11Dr Abhishek PathakBSc, MSc, PhD. Engg ChemistryProfessor13/4/2010Reg.
12Dr. Sangeeta GuptaBSc, MSc, PhD. Engg ChemistryProfessor08-01-2015Reg.
13Mrs Anjana  SaraiyaBSc, MScEngg ChemistryAssistant Professor04-02-2015Reg.
14Mrs Shakuntala  PatelBSc, MSc Engg ChemistryAssistant Professor19/9/2006Reg.
15Dr  M S KhanBSc, MSc, PhD. Engg PhysicsProfessor16/8/2011Reg.
16Dr  Sushant BoseBSc, MSc, PhD. Engg PhysicsProfessor07-07-2005Reg.
17Ms  Reema Dubey BSc, MScEngg PhysicsAssistant Professor17/6/2016Reg.
18Mr. Deepak TiwariBSc, MSc Engg PhysicsAssistant Professor20/9/2019Reg.
19Mr Ashish ShrivasBE, MTechElect. EnggAssistant Professor08-12-2018Reg.
20Mr krishna KumarBE, MEElect. EnggAssistant Professor12-10-2017Reg.
21Dr S P  DixitBSc, MSc, PhD. Engg MathsProfessor09-09-2009Reg.
22Mr Govind P ShuklaBSc, MSc Engg MathsAssistant Professor08-10-2010Reg.
23Mrs Ambalika  GuptaBSc, MSc Engg MathsAssistant Professor11-06-2009Reg.
24Mrs Jyoti  TiwariBSc, MSc Engg MathsAssistant Professor10-06-2009Reg.
25Mr Rakesh  VishwakarmaBSc, MSc,  M Phil,  Engg MathsAssistant Professor11-01-2012Reg.
26Mr Ashish  DubeyBSc, MSc Engg MathsAssistant Professor06-09-2016Reg.
27Dr Reeta MalviyaBSc, MSc, Mphill,PhD. Engg MathsProfessor07-01-2002Reg.
28Ms Rashi NaveriyaBSc, MSc,  M Phill Engg MathsAssistant Professor26/6/2009Reg.
29Mr Avamastu DixitBE, MEMech EnggAssistant Professor01-07-2016Reg.
30Mr. Rahul JainBE, MTechMech EnggAssistant Professor01-01-2018Reg.
31Mr Akshy JainBE, MTechMech EnggAssistant Professor21/6/2019Reg.
32Mr Sandeep Awasthi BE, MEMech EnggAssistant Professor26/6/2015Reg.
33Mr Charan Singh ThakurBE, MECivil EnggAssistant Professor12-02-2010Reg.
34Mr Pratush DubeyBE, MTechCivil EnggAssistant Professor05-05-2022Reg.
35Ms Ranu SahuBTech, MTechCSEAssistant Professor07-05-2017Reg.
36Mr Rajendra ArakhBTech, MTechCSEAssistant Professor13/5/2018Reg.
NBA Accreditation

Two of our major branches Computer Science & Engineering and Electronics & Communication Engineering is now NBA Accredited.